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Big Spaceship

Big Spaceship is a world leading creative agency from Brooklyn New York, USA. With several big awards like Webbys, Primetime Emmy Award nomination and first American agency inducted into the FWA Hall of Fame we are very proud to present you our interview we had with them.

By Big Spaceship

Check out the creative highlights at the bottom and make sure you visit them on www.bigspaceship.com. Enjoy!

What is Big Spaceship and how did it all get started?
Big Spaceship was founded on the fervent belief that there was an opportunity to do much better work than we were seeing or doing in digital. Thus, we launched Big Spaceship during the post-bubble economy as a place where passionate professionals could explore and conquer the Internet – the ultimate frontier. Today we remain a fast, nimble and independent creative agency for a digital world.

Where do you get your inspiration?
All of us at Big Spaceship feel very lucky to be able to go to work every day at a place we love. We are constantly inspired by the role of technology in innovation and the desire to create valuable communications in the digital community. Our focus on our culture and people has been a constant, and that more than anything else is the reason we have thrived.

Tell us something about your latest project?
In addition to new campaigns for General Electric, Activision and Wrigley, we recently launched The Most Awesomest Thing Ever (literally) – www.mostawesomestthingever.com. The Most Awesomest Thing Ever is a dynamic web experience that gauges what is most awesome right now, based on visitor’s engagement in ongoing battles that pit two random things against each other – which can be anything from Leonardo DaVinci, to Take-out, to When Scotty Beams Things Up… The new interactive experience, created and curated by the agency as an internal creative project, is quickly building momentum as a pop culture phenomenon among consumer and social media audiences.

Where do you want to be with your company in the next five years?
At Big Spaceship, we’ve increasingly come to realize that while most of our work lives in digital spaces, we’re not really a “digital creative agency.” We are a creative agency that works within a digital world – a world where digital and interactive technologies and media have changed how people work, interact and maintain relationships. So as we continue to work with our clients, we will strive to build our creative and strategic approaches around an understanding of digital culture and its ongoing evolution. Our hope is that we eventually reach a point where the distinction between a “digital agency” and a “traditional agency” blurs to become meaningless.

Did you win any awards?
Over the past decade, Big Spaceship has received many accolades for our work, including a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for the agency’s work with HBO Voyeur, Cannes Lions, Clios and One Show Interactive Pencils, as well as numerous Webby, Communication Arts, W3 and Pixel Awards. We have also been awarded Favourite Website Awards (FWAs), and we were the first American agency inducted into the FWA Hall of Fame.

Got featured anywhere?
The agency was named one of the “World’s Leading Independent Agencies” in 2009 by thenetworkone and Campaign Magazine, and we were recently named among Creativity’s 2009 Honor Roll. We’ve also been highlighted in The Wall Street Journal, TIME, Fast Company and Advertising Age, among others.


The Most Awesomest Thing Ever – Big Spaceship
By Big Spaceship
This quest scours the universe for the Most Awesomest Thing Ever. The endless battle pits two things against one another, you decide which is more awesome (in the case of this battle, stuffing vs. deer).

Healthymagination – General Electric

By Big Spaceship
Healthymagination is a central hub, content platform and suite of digital applications to help empower people to achieve better personal health—in an interface that makes the content meaningful and accessible.

Morsel – General Electric
By Big Spaceship
Morsel is a mobile app that makes healthier decisions a part of everyday life. It offers simple, fun daily tasks that help individuals get healthier one step at a time. Over 100,000 Morsels have been completed since launch, and enhancements are on the way.

Tim Burton Exhibition – MoMA
By Big Spaceship
The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) launched a major retrospective of Tim Burton’s dark, whimsical artwork, which Big Spaceship reinterpreted within a digital environment. The stairways seen in this image
employed a practice that Tim Burton is known for: stop-motion animation. For this hands-on approach, we created model staircases with foam board and conducted stop-motion tests. The resulting look, enhanced by hand drawn font, cast a mood that spoke to Burton’s dark, whimsical aesthetic and served as a gateway to his carefully crafted world.

Victoria’s Secret All Access – Microsoft/Victoria’s Secret
By Big Spaceship
We partnered with Microsoft and Victoria’s Secret to introduce the 2009 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. To engage the audience prior to the live broadcast in December, we launched an online experience to get them as close to the fashion show as possible.

Packland – Lands’ End

By Big Spaceship
This back-to-school diversion—a collaboration between Big Spaceship and Lands’ End—gives kids a fun-filled, imaginative way to design the ultimate fantasy backpack.

The Next Move iPhone Application – UrbanDaddy
By Big Spaceship
The Next Move iPhone app considers whom you’ll be with, what sort of food you’re in the mood for, where you’ll go after dinner and so on. It reacts to an individual’s specific needs. Choices unfold through
interchangeable sentence fragments, revealing information in a personalized manner for those craving on-the-go adventure in the city.

Terminator Salvation Multiplayer Game – Sony Pictures
By Big Spaceship
Pitting players as Resistance Fighters (humans) or Machines, teams of five on five fight to bring down the opposition. Depending on whose side you’re on, the annihilation or salvation of mankind is in your

The Institute for Human Continuity – Sony Pictures
By Big Spaceship
We presented to Sony a strategic multimedia campaign that integrated certain elements and characters from the film ‘2012’ into the larger issue of 2012. At the center of this effort was our formation of the
Institute for Human Continuity (IHC). Founded by powerful business and former government officials, the Institute’s mission is to ensure survival of the human race beyond the year 2012.

Pretty Loaded – Big Spaceship
By Big Spaceship
Pretty Loaded is an archive of preloaders that preload other preloaders. Created and curated by Big Spaceship, this infinite loader captures a vanishing art form.


On Twitter – @BigSpaceship
On Facebook – www.facebook.com/bigspaceship

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