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featured  Cheko


featured  Cheko

Beloved house

featured  Cheko

En casa

featured  Cheko

Gone painting

featured  Cheko

Magic tea

featured  Cheko


featured  Cheko

Natives 2

featured  Cheko

Natives 4

featured  Cheko


featured  Cheko

Rusted pink

Work by Cheko. Based in Spain.

What style do you prefer?
My favorite style is the graffiti: for their freshness, spontaneity and freedom, and I consider walls a good support for public art. All my graffitis, so far, are illegals because I like its character vindictive.

How do you get your inspiration?
On the one hand, for inspiration I usually walk around the cities with my sketchbook. In particular interest me neighborhoods where people develop the culture and living in public spaces. On the other hand, my inspiration is built by exchanging ideas with other artists and cultural thinkers.

What kind of tools do you use?
I use spray paints, brushes, acrylic paint and screen print.

What advise can you give to people?
For me it’s important to share my artwork with people, expand the audience when you work in the public space and not just with specialized people and allow others artists see, share and even modify my art works through the network.

Favorite websites?
getinspiredmagazine.com / www.behance.net / www.saatchi.com

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