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Chris Brock

featured  Chris Brock

A Walk in the Woods

featured  Chris Brock

Army of Me

featured  Chris Brock

At the Lighthouse

featured  Chris Brock

Energy and Beauty

featured  Chris Brock

Farewell To The Fareground

featured  Chris Brock

Take The Money And Run

featured  Chris Brock

The Long Journey Home

featured  Chris Brock

Underneath the Bridge

featured  Chris Brock

You Should Get Out More #1

featured  Chris Brock

You Should Get Out More #2

Work by Chris Brock. Based in The UK.

What style do you prefer?
This is hard to answer – I enjoy a style which asks a question, then invites the user to answer it. It requires the person watching to use their imagination to interpret what’s happening, and as a result every picture is different for everyone who looks at it.

How do you get your inspiration?
I soak it up from the world around me. It could be a location, a person, the work of other artists such as painters and illustrators, it could be the mood I’m in that day, or something I’ve seen in the news.

What kind of tools do you use?
I use whatever is available to me – but at bare bones it’s my Canon 5D and Photoshop

What advise can you give to people?
Keep producing work that makes YOU feel good and realises YOUR vision. Anything else isn’t true, isn’t authentic, and isn’t your best work.

Favorite websites?
getinspiredmagazine.com / ffffound.com / pinterest.com / lookwork.com

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