'Ojo de Agua' (SERIES)

Photography by carinawachsmann

Imagine the size of over 3000 football fields of blinding contrast between bright blue sky and the cracked and crusty expanse of white salt and turquoise waters, it's just mind-blowing. A lake that had dried up in the Holocene, is now a 525-sq-km crust of salt up to half a meter thick. Under it’s crust there is water that was deposited by the rain. Here in the Salinas Grandes, in the Andes mountains in north west Argentina with an altitude of 3500 meters above sea level, the indigenous population continue to live in a sacred symbiosis with The Pachamama, also known as Mother Earth, to help preserve and protect the world. This natural pool is believed to be a Pachamama´s holy place and it’s respected and venerated by the locals.

Winner of IPA international photography awards 2017 Honorable Mention

© carinawachsmann