'Portraits Of Iran' (SERIES)

Photography by Thibaut_Fleuret

These photographs were taken during a trip in Iran in Summer 2017.
The portraits were all made at the request of the people and are the fruit of a real meeting. Indeed, Iranians are fond of photography and never hesitated to ask for this shot, which subsequently turned into a discussion, sometimes short and polite, sometimes more sustained. These relations allowed to return as much intimate as social and political. A refined vision of claims, desires, dreams was then built and the Iranian diving was all the more moving.
Concerned about its image, the Iranian population knows that misunderstandings about religion, the regime and international politics exist and amalgams are created. Country perhaps too little known and prey to the clichés but of an immense human warmth, this photographic series makes it possible to grant, from a general point of view, their wish to break these archetypes abroad and to pay homage, personally, to all that they have so much to contribute.

© Thibaut_Fleuret