'Welcome to Twin Peaks' (SERIES)

Photography by Efacts Photography

A photographic homage to David Lynch’s epic TV series: ‘Twin Peaks’. It was the defining TV series of the 1990s and for almost all similar formats thereafter. When film director David Lynch and screenwriter Mark Frost announced they would produce ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’, I didn’t hesitate to plan a photographic homage called “Welcome to Twin Peaks”. After gathering information about what the revival could deal with, I sat down with my creative team to outline the ideas of our tribute. We decided to focus on characters known from the first two seasons – and added some imaginary parts and plots to the original story.

Idea, design and principal photography: Frank Lassak; Creative Assistant: Lena Naomi Krebs. Cast: Nina Jarlowski, Ece Yontar, Lena Naomi Krebs, Sarah Marie Krebs, Louisa Kern, Falko Hartmann, Celine Yildirim, Florence Klement, Jenny Baasner, Christian Harting, Joschka Bigga, Stephanie Barreto de Araujo, Florian Bondzey, Berit Glaser, Arnaut Vackier, Katharina Sporrer, Janina Weida, Drífa Hansen, Daniel Hoffmann, Meinolf Saggel, Eleni Vogiadjis, Marco Goldenstein, Yvonne Yung Hee Bormann, Bastian von Bömches, Jürgen Nafti, John Robin Wahlström.
Crew: Kübra Cihan, Maya Meißner, Nils Herres, Linda Kohl, Valentin Schumacher, Lana Wahlström, Sarah Ulrich, Marc Maria Orsini, Laurence Baril. Production: Viertelvoracht (Color Film Processing), Ulrich Hagel (Color Film Processing), Ina Schröder (Scans). All pictures were produced on Kodak Portra 400 film.

© Efacts Photography