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André Kreft - Founding Editor-in-Chief Get Inspired Magazine

Hi! Before we start, let me introduce myself. My name is André Kreft and I'm the Founding Editor-in-Chief. Based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

I started all of this back in 2009 and running it ever since as an independant magazine and showcase where creatives share their best work and get discovered by our worldwide audience. Free of charge and ad-free!

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The deal about getting featured

There are a few ways to get featured.

On our website, on our Instagram channel, in our weekly newsletter and last but definitely not least, our actual magazine.

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Each day selected uploaded work will get featured on the website and on our Instagram Channel


Our Weekly Inspiration Digest is sent once a week. The Newsletter will give you a roundup from all things happened that week and some upcoming goodness.


While uploading and tagging your work I keep on track with your work and for each issue I make a selection of personal favourite photographers. You can't apply for a feature, sorry!

All featured work is curated by myself. The magazine started in 2009 as a collection of awesome things
I discovered while browsing the internet and wanted to keep as a reffence.
Features can't be bought, just impress me with original and inspirational work!


One last thing: Posters!

When you have chosen for the portfolio, you will be able to start selling your work as museum-quality posters. We teamed up with a print-on-demand partner who is printing and shipping posters worldwide. For each poster we sale, you will get 25 EUR! Check out our shop and contact me if you want to sell your work as posters!


So, that's about it!

Hope all is clear and if you have any questions, please contact me

Have an awesome day! Looking forward seeing your work!


My name is André Kreft and I'm the Founding Editor-in-Chief
Based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands