Personal Details

Ralph Graef






I am a Potsdam-based photographer and work as a cell biologist at the University of Potsdam. Photography has escorted me through my whole adulthood. It is my medium to act out those of my creative talents that I have to neglect at my daily work. Together with ten of my friends I am organizing the “Photogallery Potsdam” (, a successful gallery project to promote contemporary artistic photography. With my photos I want to stimulate the imagination of the viewer and to tell a story that emotionally touches him, since sensing emotions is the prerequisite to keep pictures sticking in the viewer’s mind. I prefer available light and clearly composed pictures with a discreetly arranged motive. I like working with a series concept in mind that makes the photos more suitable for exhibitions and photo books. Since 2010 I presented my photographic projects in sixteen well-acclaimed exhibitions in Berlin, Brandenburg, Potsdam, Munich, Neubrandenburg, Milano and Gorzów Wielkopolski. Several photos won prizes or were shortlisted in national and international photo contests. My greatest success was the double win at the Sony World Photography Award 2017 where I could win the “Travel” category and the Germany National Award. All my projects are displayed on my website.