It doesn’t take an expert eye to see that fast-fashion retailers are selling much of the same merchandise. To respond to this “ocean of sameness”, Curioos is taking Art off walls and letting people wear it.

It’s all starting with The Floral Collection, a curated selection of premium All Over T-Shirts.

This first collection of artist-designed apparel responds to the growing demand for uniqueness and creativity in the fashion industry and paves the way for Curioos’ complete fashion, accessories and footwear lines launching over the coming months.

As a reflection of Curioos’ standards of quality printing and innovation, each t-shirt is printed, cut, and manually sewn to ensure a perfect fit and respect the artist’s original vision.

Founded in 2012, Curioos is an online curated marketplace powered by 20,000+ independent graphic artists worldwide. Curioos empowers all artists to sell their work on high-quality products such as framed prints, canvas, aluminum die-cuts, and now apparel.

For artists, it’s a way to profit from their creativity and reach a new world of enthusiastic fans. For customers, it’s the go-to destination for self-expression and lifestyle uniqueness.

Unlike traditional fashion brands ruled by designers who dictate upcoming trends, Curioos breaks the mold by detecting and curating emerging trends at the source: its global community of independent artists.


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