Before We Start

Our mission is to help creatives to promote their inspiring work and let them earn money with a great profit share.

Before we start making posters, we think it's very important to be clear on what to expect from each other. Below you can find all steps from start to finish in creating posters with us and get your work in our shop. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Step 1: Your Details

Before we can start adding your posters, we need some details from you. After you have contacted us we will make sure all is set and ready to go.


Step 2: License Agreement

Before we add your poster to the shop, you will have to sign a license agreement. This agreement will cover all work you will add to our shop and will protect you as an artist and us as a shop.

Step 3: Get your work ready

We have two poster formats; landscape (50x70cm) and portrait (70x50cm). And two styles, full printed and with border. Before you can proceed with adding your work, we must make sure your PRINT file is a-okay! We have made 4 Photoshop poster templates available which you can download for free. The file contains 1 landscape poster template with border, 1 landscape poster template full, 1 portrait poster template with border and 1 portrait poster template full. You are required to use one of these templates and follow the given instructions. No watermarks or other text and we will make sure to check all files before we proceed. Dark images with a lot of black can loose details. So make sure to brighten very dark images by 5%.


Step 4: Commissions Overview

We offer a Commissions Overview page where you can track all sales and see your earnings. Links will be visible on your profile page after activation.

Step 5: Earn Money

For each poster sale you will earn 25 EUR and will be payed each month on the 25th by PayPal.

Make sure you have read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy so you fully understand what rules apply to this service.